About Us

Mental Health Worldwide is a global network of individuals and organizations dedicated to work together to advocate and increase awareness about mental health and the related issues and conditions.

Our mandate includes creating and strengthening mental health civil society especially in developing nations. We provide support and information for one another. Advocacy, awareness events, analyses of law and policies take place to make those currently invisible, visible at all levels of society.

Our group includes experts by experience, family members, mental health workers, professionals, non-government organization directors and workers, government workers, lawyers, professors, students and so on. Many of our members hold diplomas from the International Diploma Program in Mental Health, Human Rights and Law. This program takes place at the India Law College and is in collaboration with the World Health Organization, Mental Health, Geneva.

Every member of this group is dedicated to the improvement of the lives of those experiencing mental health disabilities, psychosocial conditions or mental illness.

Our group supports the latest UN Convention relevant to this area – The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The CRPD states that all persons with disabilities have the right to be treated equally in all aspects of life including education, employment and the right to live in the community. These rights are currently not realized by those with mental health conditions especially in developing nations. And the CRPD requires that persons with psychosocial disabilities actively participate in all aspects of life that impact them including the development of mental health laws, policies and programs.

Our global group brings us together so that MENTAL HEALTH and the issues get recognition from every level of society worldwide.

 We hope “ that our contribution will touch many of the untouched globally” (quote from one of our members)

The greatest common goal of this group is to give a stronger voice to the issues regarding mental health, for example, to reduce stigma and discrimination for those that experience mental health disability.

The goal of this group is to join national groups internationally so that this voice is loud and strong and can be heard at all levels of society globally.

There are various opinions and experiences regarding mental health, the conditions and issues.  In our group, every member’s own experience and opinion is valid and is equally respected. Diversity is a rich, learning opportunity.

But all members agree that stigma and discrimination need to end in order for all persons to have the opportunity to realize their right to self-determination, and to be able to participate in life and in the community as fully as possible.

In this quest, Mental Health Worldwide members are positively joined together and support each other.

All individuals and organizations with these common goals are welcome to join this group.