FACEMI — National Forum for Families and Persons with Mental Illness — India

From our member in India:  Dr. Nirmala Srinivasan (Ashoka Fellow) has set up the first National Forum for Families and Persons with Mental Illness in India. FACEMI National Network — FAmilies AllianCE on Mental Illness. Please see contact and website information below. 

We are happy to announce the registration of the 1st national forum for families ( which means PMI included) with those under treatment for MI. Happy to e- intro our national spokesperson Shazada Khurram.

From website:
Set up by Dr. Nirmala Srinivasan (Ashoka Fellow) as an integral part of the advocacy initiative Action for Mental Illness, (ACMI), this national alliance is a lobby to strengthen the role of the families to access quality care for all the persons under psychiatric treatment or in need of one. It is important to note that the National Mental Health Policy 2014, upholds the principles of Family Care as the foremost care model in India. Nothing could be put to practice because most families are not aware of it; nor were they aware of the global impact of UN CRPD ushering in an era of rights based legislation for PMI.

From brochure:
A Family Advocacy Lobby
Families Alliance on Mental llness, National Network
The first national forum in India for persons with mental illness (PMI) and families
website: https://facemindia.org.in/

Implementation of Assisted Home Care under National Mental Health Program
Demand for Medical Insurance Parity for Persons with Mental Illness at par with other Indians as per the Laws
Campaign for dignity and safety of Orphaned Persons with Mental Illness
Service support for all Families-Urban/Rural; Rich/Poor

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