iPromise2 Campaign — USA

Mental Health Worldwide encourages increasing awareness and advocacy, and decreasing stigma and silence regarding mental health around the world. We are pleased to share with you the work and iPromise2 Campaign that has begun by a group in Florida. Please share this information with your networks and help them if you can – kickstarter link below. Also see below for contact information for Gabriela Regalado, Associate Producer.
Thank you!

Below you can find the links for our different sources including our website and our current videos we have produced. Feel free to share and any questions or suggestions are welcomed.
Website: http://www.ipromise2.org/
iPromise2 Pilot https://vimeo.com/189370379
Introduction to Mental Health 101
Anxiety 101
Depression 101

#iPromise2 Kickoff- Mental health Awareness Celebration

If you could please help us share our kickstarter to be able to continue to produce videos like the ones above to spread awareness and educate the audience about mental health, we would tremendously appreciate it.
The link is:



This pilot aims to provide awareness, understanding, visibility and support for those suffering through mental illness.

Warmest regards,
Gabriela Regalado
Associate Producer
Information Television Network
6650 Park of Commerce Blvd.
Boca Raton, FL 33487
Tel: 561- 997-7771 Ext: 446


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