8th International Summer School Disability Law & Policy — Ireland

8th International Summer School on Disability Law & Policy 

20-24 June (inclusive) Centre for Disability Law & Policy

National University of Ireland (Galway)

THEME: ‘Civil Society as Agents of Change’

 Email: disabilitysummerscho@nuigalway.ie

 We are delighted to make this pre-announcement of the next International Summer School to be held in the week of 20-24 June (2016) at the National University of Ireland (Galway) on the beautiful West Coast of Ireland. For information on Galway please see http://www.galwaytourism.ie/ and for further information on the summer school see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C38ezKBXixc

 It will be held in the new standard-setting and accessible Institute for Lifecourse & Society Building on campus http://www.nuigalway.ie/public-sites/ilas-new/Optimized-Screen-Shot-2015-08-21-at-11.50.34.png

We are proud to say that the opening Keynote address will be given by Mr John Wodatch who has spent a large amount of his career directing the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division on disability rights.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one of the most admired pieces of disability legislation in the world and John has overseen many innovations and will reflect on his career and lessons for upcoming advocates.  The overall theme for this year’s Summer School will be ‘Civil Society as Agents of Change.’  In addition to coving the basics with respect to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the nature of State obligations, methods of treaty interpretation, etc.) we will take a particular look at how civil society around the world can – and is – taking advantage of the new politics of disability opened up by the UN convention, how they can successfully interact with other agents of change like national human rights institutions and how the increasingly authoritarian practice of closing down civic space for NGOs around the world impacts on the disability advocacy sector.

In the past the Summer School placed a recurring emphasis on ‘Voice & Choice’ (legal capacity and the right to live independently).   We will spend some time looking at practical examples of models of law reform from around the world that are now beginning to emerge on these topics.  A full day will also be set aside to examine a contemporary topic of interest around the globe.  This year we will focus on the ‘Right to Liberty’ issue and the kinds of transformative changes that the UN Convention requires in fields such as the criminal justice system and the traditional civil commitment system.

As usual, we will mount our highly successful (as well as highly enjoyable) Moot Court Competition at the end of the week.  For a taster see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80xOLTm4LCw&index=15&list=PLvKS9kpe3SYPiGcT5eNPRFWnzDq1fQxju

The Summer School usually has a diverse audience of over 100 persons with disabilities, advocates, DPOs, policy-makers, legislators, judiciary and of course students from every corner of the world.  All are welcome. The Faculty will be drawn from highly impactful advocates and leaders in the movement from round the world.

A more detailed programme will be circulated shorty.

For the moment we would be delighted if you would share this pre-announcement with your colleagues and friends.

To see presentations at the 7th Summer School visit:


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