Mental Health Care Bill — INDIA

News Received today at Mental Health Worldwide:

The Mental Health Care Bill 2013 was introduced in the Rajya Sabha (Upper House) of the Indian Parliament today. It will now be examined the all-party Health Standing Committee of the Parliament.

Among other things, the Bill enshrines the Right to Mental Health Care and
introduces provisions for Advance Directives. Both firsts in the health sector
in India. Furthermore, it includes provision for decriminalization of suicide
and suicide attempts and bans unmodified ECT – both long overdue in India.
Apart from a whole host of other rights related issues incorporated in the bill.

the full bill is available at

The Lancet recently highlighted the Bill [Mental health bill set to revolutionise care in India]…The Lancet article says : “….Jayna
Kothari, lawyer and founder of Centre for Law and Policy Research, Bangalore,
thinks the new bill is ground-breaking because people with mental disorders
have been granted legal capacity to take decisions about their health care and
treatment. “No other law in the country dealing with disability—mental or
other—grants such a right”, she says.”

You can read the Lancet article here :

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